Monday, October 28, 2013

Trains. Oh Trains!

Trains at sensory therapy last week


We've come to realize, and his therapists agree, the trains are really a detriment to Woodchuck right now.

This partially breaks my heart for my beautiful boy, but I kind of knew it already. He does so love his trains though...

The thing is, when he doesn't have them he does fine, he doesn't seek them out, he happily plays with other toys. Sensory therapy today went a MILLION times better than the last two sessions because I didn't let him bring trains. He was mad when we left the house, and cried and struggled with it. But once we were out the door and there were new things to look at he was fine. He didn't ask for his trains. He didn't go looking for them. He engaged better at therapy and played with different toys.

So soon the trains will all be phased out unless it's a book or a puzzle with a train on it. Here's hoping bedtime goes better (that's been a huge pain in the derriere also lately, as he insists on sleeping with them and then I have to be mean mommy and take them away and there's tears and screaming and crying and flailing and I feel like a big ol' jerk). Not to mention if he rolls over and they make noise he wakes up and it's rinse and repeat. I will  not  miss that bit about his trains at all.

Really, I won't miss any of it. For far too long all they seem to do is make him mad in short order and they've overstayed their welcome. Perhaps when we're further into therapy and he can regulate on his own better we can reintroduce them. There was a time before his SPD really took hold he got a lot of enjoyment out of them, but as things have progressed and we've been tossed through so many changes they became both his security blanket and simultaneously his antagonist.

Here's to blue skies sans trains soon!

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