Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Speech Therapy was a success!

Tris got to see his awesome speech therapist Jean this morning. It had been a few weeks so he could get into the swing of things with his sensory therapy.

What a difference a few sensory therapy sessions has made! She said she saw a big change in him already, in terms of playfulness, lack of meltdowns, attention span, etc. I will be so so so so so sad when she has to transfer him to another therapist, we love her and have been with her over a year now. I can't imagine someone else being his speech therapist.

I also told her about the study I found regarding SPD and brain imaging that I posted here. She was very excited about it!

It was a much better morning than yesterday, where Woodchuck had to miss his sensory therapy because I had a scary ultrasound and got stuck in the doctor's office for nearly three hours (which overlapped his sensory appointment). At least we won't miss tomorrow's appointment!

So what better way to celebrate a good speech appointment than to make yourself a little joker-esque? 

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