Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oh happy day!

Woodchuck had sensory therapy this morning and it went really well (from what his OT said). They used weighted balls for the session and it kept his attention the whole time. This means I get to sit in on his therapy on Thursday! I am SO excited for this!

We also pared down his toys yet again to where all he has in the front room is his zany zoo, his arts and crafts table with coloring books and some larger reading books, and we brought his sand and water table in, cleaned it out and put rice and lentils in it (and all his trains and matchbox cars went in there too). We've had far less meltdowns without the train tracks being at his disposal, and I managed to get out the door...

...without any trains! 

I used a bit of distraction and made a big show of putting his dinosaurs in his Thomas backpack, and he actually did okay. He unfortunately fell asleep again on the way into therapy which resulted in a super late nap today. I wonder how I'm going to get this kid on any semblance of a schedule with his therapy at such a wonky in-between time of the day. It unfortunately was all they had available and we were lucky enough to get an opening so soon, it was supposed to be months before his therapy would start.

But today at therapy he had an awesome day! He played for an hour with co-attention and no meltdowns with weighted medicine balls. His OT was able to direct his play, and that literally has never happened. He is so rigid in his play and so scared to deviate from the norm so this gives me immense hope. Hope for him. For me, too.

Some days I just am so proud of this little person that I created, that in the face of such challenges he still finds ways to laugh and smile and have fun.

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