Sunday, October 20, 2013

A new phrase!!

I just have to brag on my Woodchuck for a minute, because this is a very proud Mommy moment right now!

He said THANK YOU!

Or at least his version of it. With his apraxia things can come out pretty garbled, the signals from the brain to the mouth get jumbled and the mouth doesn't know how to imitate sounds well or often.

But this morning, a correct signal got through. At least, more correct than usual. I handed him something and said "there ya go babylove" and he responded, without missing a beat, "tay ya!"

Sure sounds like THANK YOU to me!! My heart is just swelling with pride. My little boy might actually speak sooner than I think. Maybe I should scale it down and not get too excited, but right now that's impossible! I am just so elated! Yay for sensory therapy and speech therapy! And yay for exclamation points!!

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