Friday, October 11, 2013

Sensory Therapy does have some drawbacks...

Apparently when starting sensory therapy it opens up a lot of curiosity and body exploration. We've gotten a lot of "'Sat?" ("what's that?") while pointing to his body or ours. He slapped his knee and said "knee" the other day too, which was nothing short of shocking.

It unfortunately leads to them feeling a little overwhelmed and leads to them constantly on the move. We've had a lot of climbing, jumping, not listening, misbehaving more than normal, etc etc etc. Rinse and repeat. We were a little at a loss as to what was going on but his OT explained yesterday that it's pretty normal when therapy first starts.


At least I have an answer as to why this kid has been going a million miles an hour the last week and a half.

We went to play at Munchkin Playland today and he ran all over for an hour and a half, played with some kids (some kids were nice, some were little kleptos and I finally had to hide his trains in my purse because one kid kept yanking them out of Tristan's hands after shoving I went over and politely jerked them back out of that kid's hand...and of course the mom was who knows where? I took a slightly sick delight in the kid's savage screaming, he was not a nice little boy).

Tomorrow is the pumpkin patch at Lakeview Farms in North Plains.I am super excited for this, we went last year but Tris was just starting to get into trains and wasn't super psyched about the train they have running there. I think he will practically poop his pants (not strange for a toddler I suppose) when he sees it this year. And then Sunday we are carving them and making a big, fun thing out of it!

Here's hoping for a less crazy, out of sorts weekend than the last one!

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