Friday, October 4, 2013

This Morning's Meltdown Brought To You By...

Tempera paint!

So we tried out Kiwi Crate for a couple months. His attention just isn't there to do the projects so I cancelled it. We still had last month's box sitting around and what does he spot at 5:45 this morning?

The tempera paint.

For the sake of my sanity I relented and set up the canvas, brush, accouterments and pots of paint. It proceeded to thoroughly piss him off. I ended up having to pull him away from the canvas after he started running his beloved James train and coal car across the globs of gleaming red paint.
Looked cool. The mess it made? Not so much.

So I take the train and the screaming and head slapping starts (I even discovered after I'd cleaned everything up there were flecks of red and black paint over his eye and under his nose).

Normally he likes hand-washing and washing his trains but while he was repulsed by the sensation of the paint he wanted to keep painting. This is a real stumbling block we have with Tristan: he's both a sensory seeker and a sensory avoider, and sometimes the two overlap. He doesn't know what to do, he wants to continue doing what he's doing but his little brain is completely unsure what to do with the sensory input he's getting. He does this with his train tracks a lot, he wants his tracks to do something and he might not be able to get the tracks to stay or put them together and so he continues to try and build track while screaming. If I don't intervene this can go on indefinitely or until he's so mad he rears back and slams his head into the floor, slaps himself or even hits himself with his train.

Sometimes I'm so frustrated that I can't make this better for him now. The world can be a truly overwhelming place for my beautiful boy often.

But he made some pretty modern art today!

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