Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Long time no post, new therapy stuff and OH BOY, MELTDOWNS and HORRIBLE SLEEP!

It has been crazy to say the least.

Pre-term labor. A three day hospital stay. Bed rest. All while trying to manage my SPD boy.

There is someone here to help me watch the boy every weekday. He has not taken the extra stimulation well. We've had a major sleep regression, therapy regression, head-banging and head slapping regression. Lots of anger and tears. Food regression. It's been hard on all of us. But obviously nowhere near as hard as it is on him.

His therapist suggested this thing called an ILS pillow.

Well, they're $170, so hell to the no. It delivers sound through a special pillow and supposedly through vibration. Well, sound waves in and of themselves create vibration, so I had an idea to simulate this pillow without spending $170. The ILS dreampad music is available for download, so I looked into a set of pillow speakers, a vibrating pad and a special pillow to put the speakers in (thankfully I can sew and will just make little pillowcases with zippered pouches for the two speakers at the top for less than $5). Then I loaded the music on his iPod. For $40 I made one that is more tailored to him.

Here are the products I ordered:

Pillow Speakers

Stress Pillow

Massaging Base Pillow

We also have a special stuffed calming dog that is infused with lavender and has a flax base. I am going to start warming this up and giving it to him before bed, in addition to starting his calms forte again.

Something has to give. It took three, yes THREE hours to get him to sleep last night. He's exhausted, Dan and I are getting no time to ourselves and we're all frustrated. Fingers crossed all these things help!!