Wednesday, November 13, 2013

*warning, foul language because I'm beyond frustrated*

Well this is the worst day we've had in a good long while, and I think the worst meltdown he has ever ever EVER had.
What a day!

And it's all because of these little assholes right here:

Safari Limited Steam Train Toob

This will go down in history as the WORST toy purchase I have ever made.

I made some sensory bins with colored rice for the boy, just small ones with things like little plastic bugs and spiders in them. I thought I would get him trains along the same line for one of the buckets.

Well, they don't hook together, they don't stand up, they don't do anything he wanted them to do. He was hysterically crying, inconsolable, so I took them away. 

What ensued was biblical in proportion. He was screaming, throwing himself all over completely out of control, hyperventilating, turning purple and his whole body was trembling. He was so flipped out he couldn't calm himself. He was running in circles on the verge of passing out. I finally gave them back just to scale back the flip out.

I feel like burning these little shithead trains tonight in some kind of savage sacrifice once he's asleep. I will NEVER give him these damn things back, they're going in the garbage. At least they were only $8.

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